Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh the Places I Have Been!

I love to travel and this year I got to go on so many exciting trips. Here is a photo collage of my year.

January we were camping and I ran up here, so fun!

February, spring arrived early.

My friend Humu and me hunting in Palm Springs in March

April I went to camp for a week!

Swimming after a long hike, the cold water helps recovery!

I slept at the top of a mountain pass to watch some fast bikes go by in May.

In June, I hung out at home and I got the fleas. Not FUN! Too many baths:(

In July, I got to walk at the beach for sunsets, or as I think of it, squirrel hunting!

This canyon is in Utah on my way to Colorado in August, there were rabbits here.

Can  you believe it, I got to ride a ferry to Canada in September, and they didn't make me stay in the car! I saw birds and jelly fish in the water, I wasn't allowed to go swimming though.

In October I went on lots of hikes all over California, but I wish I could ride a bike!

In November, I went to watch my friend Alison do Ironman, not my first time at this rodeo!

Every December 25th I love to walk the beach.

I can't wait for 2011 to see what fun I can have. I still have 3 days left to pack activities into 2010 and I have grand plans. It is raining heavily and I plan to go for a run and play in the puddles later today!

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