Monday, November 8, 2010

Trip on de Nile

For the last week I have been taking a cruise on the river of denial. Instead of accepting the reality that ramming my bicycle into my chest wall had indeed caused a rib or two to crack I put my head up my butt and tried all kinds of activities. What is a good cruise without the plethora of available events to keep one busy. Here is a report of what I tried and the results I got.

1) Going for a run- just kidding, even I couldn't convince myself that would work. Walking was challenging enough. I had to slow my pace so that I wasn't breathing too hard. The only one that benefited from the slow walks was the dog. Lots more sniffing and peeing than usual.

2) Riding the trainer. Okay, this one isn't too bad. I can spin, not get my breathing too rapid and there is no impact or vibration. Good chance to work on getting a better cadence going for next year.

3) Core work. Whoever is stabbing my voodoo doll with a knife between the ribs, you can stop now. My plan for that off season six pack has just changed to another kind of six pack!

4) Yoga. About the only pose that didn't hurt was savasana and during that I still felt the dull burn of pain in my side.

5) Strength work. Pushing the vacuum around counts right? It took a few days before I would even do that.

6) Swimming. Always a good fall back on workout session, that is until you get searing red hot pain any time you move your rib cage. 50 yards in and I knew it was not to be. Another month out of the water won't really make that much difference after having been out since May. -right? Maybe I have been spending so much time travelling denial that I should be the cruise director.

To be honest the only real cruise activity that I am able to take part in comfortably is the endless buffet eating. I am planning to eat my way through the next 4 weeks. That should give me plenty of strength work when I am able to get back at it cause I will be carrying a wee bit more weight up all the hills.

pretty sure I won't be loving the hills in January!

My trip is now over and reality has crashed the party. Until I can get out of bed without bracing myself and splinting my side I will be on the injured reserve list. I can only hope that when I have the green light to get back that I am fully recharged and that I haven't chosen to stay in the buffet line!

'Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest'
Ashleigh Brilliant


  1. I promise the voodoo doll isn't coming from me - even with all that tough training you assigned me!

  2. Hope your rib feels better soon!! I hurt my rib coughing last year and flip turns in the pool were brutal! It will heal. hang in there!