Friday, November 5, 2010

One and Done

Last night was the premier of the 2010 edition of the Race Across the Sky movie. It was a great way to relive an amazing day. Much like any great event in my life, the images that are stored in my brain through my own camera lens were much more spectacular.When I got married someone made a video (yup, I got married a long time ago) of the event. They told me that it was to record the day so that I could watch it and relive it whenever I wanted. I have never watched the video. I recorded the day in my head down to every detail but all from my perspective. I didn't want to see what the guests and others saw, it was my wedding and I wanted to remember it as the bride looking out. Weird maybe, but last night I was reminded there is nothing quite the same as seeing something like the Powerline climb at mile 80 from ones own perspective. So, while many were enjoying the movie on the screen at face value, I had another movie running at the same time. My movie came with a little bit of muscle memory and feelings of fatigue. In the film there were shots of the massive crowding of the first climb up St Kevins. From the camera angle above it looked crowded but to get a true feeling of how it was one had to be in the masses, attempting to stay upright while getting jostled around going uphill with no room to maneuver. The one criticism I have for the movie makers, is that they omitted the most talked about part of the race. Just like any good party it is not complete without the food and drink portion and we had five star service on the Columbine climb. Hey, at 12,000 + feet PBR and Hotdogs are 5 star! So, just to prove I was not hallucinating when I was in oxygen debt here is the photographic evidence.
 Seems this guy had other plans for his raceday fuel

For the price of the entry fee we could also have a mountain top picnic

Line for hot dogs and beer

From this racers point of view, these guys provided much needed comic relief. They even offered to get a veggie dog ready for my trip back down when I informed them as much as I appreciated their offer, I did not eat meat.

Did the movie make me want to throw my name in the hat for next year? No. You see, I had the perfect day this year and I loved every minute of it from the training to the racing. The Race Across the Sky and I will forever remain in the honeymoon phase and whenever I want to do it again, I will replay the day in my head and glow from the fond memories. Just like that wedding day I had years ago, I am ONE AND DONE!

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