Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sincerest Apologies

Dear Readers,

Blogger has brought it to my attention that I owe you all an apology. Ever so subtly they have made their point clear. You see, they have been tracking what words are being searched that lead people to read my rather frivolous drivel. Well, it turns out from the word searches that have led you here that most of you are rather 'let down' shall we say. I am pretty sure that you are here to read about a girl riding, just not about a girl riding her bicycle! I am sorry for any misunderstandings that  have brought you to my blog. Let me clear up a few things for you.

Dirty Hundy - This is the name I chose for my blog because it started out being about my journey to complete 100 miles (hundy) on a mountain bike, in the dirt (dirty). I don't have enough of an imagination to fathom what this can mean to some people. I am pretty sure though, that they aren't putting this in their particular search engine because they have heard of my blog and want their daily dose of exquisite prose. Note, I said I am pretty sure, not positive, maybe my words are Pulitzer award winning material to the fellow in Slovania who keeps checking in.

Skinny Dip Friday- Okay, I know I have a blog post titled this exact thing but who is that specific in their search. Is there someone out there looking for a group to join. Might I suggest looking on Meet Up and seeing if there is a group with your particular interest. Obviously, this person is only available to swim naked on Fridays. Perhaps, as a service to my readership I can start a community message board, cause it seems that there is more than one of you with this interest.

The Girl Who Lost- Yes, I have written in a few of my posts that I lost a race or two, but remember I also have written about winning - rather recently actually.Of course, in that same post I wrote about losing, but its all semantics.  Anyways, back to the point at hand, I am hoping that they are searching for girl who lost her puppy so that they can return it. Or maybe, they found an ipod and it is pink so they want to give it back to the girl who lost it. Otherwise, get off of my blog you perv! (off of, not off on!)

Thirsty Beaver-Yup my encounter with this evil creature continues to haunt me. Either people are looking for a review on the malt beverage or they too have had an run in with this animal. If you are just looking for a trail review, it really was a lovely trail. I just didn't really enjoy it on that particular day. Would I recommend riding it again, well, I can recommend running it again:) As for the beer, I can't say, I had had my full of beaver by that point in the day.

Once again, I am deeply sorry if you were brought to my blog under misleading circumstances. For those of you that are reading because of duty (IE- you gave birth to me) thank you for being a reader who wants to read about a girl who rode her bike 100 miles in the dirt. Please accept this apology if the hobby that leads you here doesn't involve bicycles, but may I suggest that riding a bike is a good way to relieve shall we say stress? I would be very happy if just one person gets turned on by my blog to bike riding.

As a symbol of my humble sincere apology and because you are going away empty handed please enjoy this lovely picture of the sun going down yesterday.


  1. Bwah ha ha - good thing you haven't blogged about your tea bags!