Saturday, July 20, 2013

Miracles Happen

The Silver Rush 50 mountain bike was an explosion of awesome. Gorgeous scenery in every direction, and explosion of wildflowers and flowing streams. Maybe the week I spent off my ankle recuperating made me appreciate the outdoor beauty all the more. I found the mountains breath taking, could also have been the altitude. My ankle held up and I crossed the finish line in race 2 of the 5 race Leadman series.  I had such an amazing day out there. The night before the race the universe sent me a message on my tea bag. It said 'when the mind is backed by will, miracles happen'. It was a miraculous day:)

Thanks to everyone who got me to the start and finish lines. Believe in miracles:)

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  1. I'm a you!
    #3 and #4 right around the corner!