Thursday, August 15, 2013

One Year Ago

Last year during the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike ride my friend Chris was on Powerline inbound watching the riders. She kept sending me pictures of all the riders and spectators out on the course. It made me feel homesick, for a place I had never lived but had left my heart. We decided that day we were going to attempt to become Leadwomen. For a year now we have been on the journey together. This weekend we undertake the final event. No matter what happens at the end of this journey you can't take away the amazing experiences we have had along the way. 

After the 100 mile bike ride last weekend, we got to run a 10k. It seemed only fitting that we finish it up together and spend some time reflecting on the journey. We have now done 4 of the 5 events and it has been incredible each step and pedal stroke of the way. Thank you Chris for embarking on this insane voyage with me. I wouldn't have wanted any other travel partner:)

Yes, we always are having fun:)

One more buckle for us to nab!


  1. I'm so happy you and Tana had the opportunity to take on this journey and love that you are soaking up every moment! Proud of you!

  2. reading this blog again and remembering the awesome summer we to never forget , thanks Thelma for the memories. Louise