Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trust and Fall Back

You know that team building game where you stand with your arms crossed and your eyes closed and fall backwards? The one where you are suppose to trust that the people standing below you will attempt to catch you and are strong enough to not drop you. I'm playing that game this Saturday when I line up for the Silver Rush 50 mile mountain bike. My ankle is improving, I can walk without a limp, the swelling has come down and with a bit of tape I have pedaled a bike. I loosened the cleat so that I can easily unclip on that side. (note to self, try substituting a few choice words for that F one now so you don't get disqualified when they hear you cursing on course). Saturday morning I will close my eyes, cross my arms and trust that the fitness I am falling back on will catch me and carry me to the finish line in under the 8 hour cutoff. 

"All the world is made of faith, and trust and pixie dust."- Peter Pan
This little piggy went to market, yes I realize that putting polish on this foot is about equivalent to applying lipstick to a pig- but my mother was appalled by the condition of my toenails. 
Bring on the pixie dust!

1 comment:

  1. OH ... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ugh. I hope your foot will cooperate Saturday without further damage. Can you wrap the hell out of that purple stuff so it doesn't move?

    I paint the stubs where there were once toenails - just because it's still fun to be a girl sometimes.

    Heal QUICKLY!!