Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Braxton Hicks Marathon

The Leadville Trail marathon was the first race of five in the journey to becoming a Leadwoman. It was a spectacular course with amazing scenery. Everything looks sharper when you have limited oxygen reaching your brain. With the stunning views came lots of climbing and descending. I didn't take a camera with me so I don't have pictures of the actual day. I was cruising along enjoying myself. Around mile 20 Mother Nature had enough of my moseying and decided to cattle prod me. I was on an exposed single track on top of a mountain when lightening struck. I heeded the warning and sprinted off the mountain. Prior to actually going into labor women begin to experience practice contractions. This race was my Braxton Hicks marathon. The real work is still to come and I am no where near ready to push yet. One down, four to go.

on race course prior to race, this is close to the lightening strike location
so many wildflowers on the course


  1. Congrats on your first event! Best wishes on the 50 mi MTB next weekend!

  2. Cute pic! :)

    Race 1 - check. Great job. Just a small sampling of all the hard work you've done.