Friday, June 28, 2013

The Labor Begins

Tomorrow it all begins. The first race in the series that will make me a Leadwoman. Lots of people have been asking for my plan. Truthfully, I think having a plan right now is about as useful as most womens birth plans. The  races will unfold as they unfold and I will have to adapt. Not saying that I am winging it and haven't been to any prenatal classes or anything. No, I know what I want to happen but in reality I just want to have a healthy happy Leadwoman at the end of all of this. That is the main objective and whatever it takes to get there I am willing to do. 

The excitement is building, the anticipation of what is to come in the next seven weeks. I know it is going to be painful, but before I have experienced it, I really don't know how painful. I know that there are no epidurals available to aid in delivering me to the final finish line. Therefore, I have spent the last months becoming comfortable with uncomfortable. I am going to be gasping for air, my legs and lungs are going to be burning, that is a given. How I am able to deal with it is the unknown. 

Yes tomorrow it officially begins but I have been in gestation since last August when I decided to embark on the adventure. Even though the marathon is just the first of 5 races, I am going to be celebrating getting to the start line healthy and happy. Still loving the training and preparation. It is a gorgeous course and I plan to soak up the scenery and fill my well with happiness all day. I need that well to be overflowing come the big races in August.

sometime tomorrow I'll be on my way up that road to the top of Mosquito pass and the turn around point. 

there was another new beginning recently up on the marathon course

view from the course


  1. Tomorrow morning I will put on my Marley "Life" necklace in support...I will stand at the Ocean shoreline and ask the universal spirit to send the strength and calm of the ocean your way. May you harness the power of the ocean yet feel its calm within your heart and head. Go Kirsty Go!!!! XO Cathy

  2. Big congrats on the first of five! Thanks for being an inspirational athlete and friend and a vegan on top of it! You Rock!

  3. You're off to a fantastic start...was great to hear the happy spirit in your text tone - made me smile!