Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Going Soft

I've become soft. REALLY soft! What happened to that girl who was so excited when the thermometer dipped to -15C because it meant that the ski hill would be empty? Where did the girl who loved winter and tolerated summer disappear to? I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a touque (that's a beanie to you Yanks) in the winter, mostly because it would totally ruin my big 80's hair, but also because I didn't need one. Now, I am known to wear one walking the dog and it doesn't get to -15C here EVER! Granted, I also no longer have big hair, and instead of worrying about the touque ruining my hair I use it to hide the fact that I haven't bothered to brush it, or sometimes even wash it. I don't like to be cold and I can tell you when it is less than 60F I am cold. I wonder how the girls I see running in just a sports bra do it, but maybe the silicone keeps you warm, I don't know. Anyways, every so often it becomes glaringly obvious to me just what a wimp I have morphed into. Yesterday I was shown what tough really is. Here is a picture from a friend in Alberta (that's a province in Canada for you Yanks. Canada is the country to the north of you) taken 75 minutes into their ride.

Great for skiing, not so much for biking!

I have a couple of races planned for this summer in Canada, at least I thought June was summer. I am rethinking the plan to shed some pounds and get down to race weight. I either need to keep the blubber or channel my 16 year old self. In an attempt to toughen up today in 60F I rode without knee warmers. Hey, it's a start! Next thing you know, I'll be taking the toe warmers off my bike shoes, but let's not get too crazy all at once. Taking another look at that picture, I'm thinking I didn't get soft, I got smart!

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