Tuesday, April 26, 2011


When I was little my dad built me my very own swing. I loved to swing on it. Lately I've incorporated swinging back into my life, not into my lifestyle. (there are blogs for that but this is not one of them!). In my attempt to increase my run speed I have started doing swing runs. Doesn't that sound fun? 'Swing runs', evokes all kinds of ideas of freedom and flying along with the wind flapping your pigtails while you yell, 'higher, higher' without any effort. The swing run does remind me of one time I was on a swing set, the time we all got going so high in the same direction that we tipped the whole thing over. (kids were WAY tougher back then, we just got it upright and didn't tell any parents because they might put an end to the fun) Yes, during this wonderful run session there are times when I feel like I am going to crash very hard in to the ground. Let me tell you that the pace during this run swings from 20 seconds faster per mile to 20 seconds slower per mile than you actually plan on running in your event. So for someone like me, who put down a rather ambitious goal, this is a very challenging painful experience. Maybe, I misunderstood and it was to run slower and faster than you actually currently are capable of holding? The way I am doing it, the slower is still faster than I have been running. One thing hasn't changed when it comes to me and swinging, I still like to shoot for the stars, only thing is now I have to push myself.

Next time I run by this I may just have to change the meaning of swing run!

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