Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gaining Momentum

When I first decided to run the Zion 100km I also decided to use it as the launching point for my first 100 mile week. I had read somewhere that if you can run 100 miles in a week that you can run a 100 mile race. I am not going to be doing a practice 100 mile race prior to the Leadman competition so this was the next best chance to see if my body was durable enough for 100 miles. The test was completed with a total of 5 days of running, that 62 mile head start was a huge help. I passed, I made it. I know lots of runners run 100 mile weeks, but this runner never had. I still have piles of work to do before I line up on August 17th to run the 100 mile race, (first I have 4 races to complete before I even get there)but I know that I have done lots of work since I took this challenge on and I am making forward progress. I am surrounded by people who believe I can do this, slowly I am starting to be a believer myself. Thanks to everyone who is along for the ride, this journey has been amazing so far and I'm looking forward to the rest of it. Hold on to your hats and glasses we're gaining momentum.

Celebrating my 100 mile week completion


  1. Congratulations, Coach!!! You are amazing and inspiring!!!