Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Solstice

I survived, and I'm not talking about the so called end of the world. I'm talking about the days become shorter and shorter. From now until June they will become longer and I can slowly come out of my hibernation. I've already noticed that the sunsets are getting later, but now we will have more hours of daylight. I've also survived my 'winter break'. Two weeks of no biking or running or any elevated heart rate exercise ends tomorrow. WooHoo! We made it. There was a time when it wasn't hard for me to take time off, I actually wouldn't even unpack my bike after an Ironman for over a month. But, something at some point switched and it became what I do, not what I have to do. So, as the days lengthen so too will my workouts. It is time to build a huge base for the year and it all starts tomorrow, but not too early because it is now officially winter and that means it's a bit cold in the morning:). Even a bear waits for it to warm up a bit to come out of hibernation and I am definitely resembling a hibernating bear right now. I have put on my winter coat of insulation and I have been sleeping lots! Hey, I figured if the world was about to end I needed some extra fat in case I became lunch for a zombie. But alas, I'm as surprised as everyone else that it didn't happen and now I have some extra fat to squeeze into my lycra.

As hard as taking two weeks off has been I know it is necessary. I need to be very disciplined this coming year and by cutting myself some slack (okay, tons of slack) I have a renewed sense of dedication. So tomorrow officially starts the road to becoming a Leadwoman in 2013. I doubt I'll feel like a leadwoman but I will feel like a lead ass and that's a start:) Today was the end for me, but tomorrow is the start. Happy Winter Solstice:)

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  1. I ran 3 miles after my 2 weeks off and thought to myself...ok in 9 months I will be doing an IM. Lots of building to do and hope to do some with you on your Leadwoman journey!