Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dream Home

I want to be a dirt bag. Not the kind that says douche ball things and leers at the opposite sex. The kind that lives out of their car, or in my case van. Everyday you can pick your location and we all know real estate is about location, location, location. Of course a view follows pretty closely to the location, and how valuable is a view that can be changed? Ocean view today, mountain view tomorrow.

I know some people's dream homes are thousands of square feet with outdoor swimming pools, gardens and forests. The limits are endless for life as a dirt bag. Miles of trails right outside your door, natural hot springs, pools in creeks, ocean a few steps away. Lots of woman have lists of the top end appliances they would like in their kitchen. Well, I have a gas stove and my fridge is so fancy it can run on propane, electricity or battery! Take that sub zero:)

Of course I still am part princess so my van is equipped with a memory foam mattress, and my sheets are 300 count. I have running water, which is easily heated on the stove, so I in fact have hot water. There is a furnace, so if I choose I can have heat. There is almost always a fire place and I have a room addition on the side as well as a porch. When I am sitting on my porch watching the sunrise or sunset (cause I usually watch the sunrise from the picture window at then end of my bed) I can't think of any nicer home in the world.


  1. Ah, that's also my dream home! Actually a Sportsmobile - which I know you laugh at but I'm ok with that ;)

    I so miss our van... posts like this don't help :). I see you've taught Tana to drive!

  2. I can just see all of us now creating a dirt bag caravan! I am with Alison that Sportsmobile is our retirement goal but I would take a Sprinter too! Hoping for dreams to come true!