Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Bike

I thought about getting a new bike, or two. I even put my road bike up for sale. After all it is 11 years old now, a guy was coming to buy it, but then I panicked. You see, it fits me perfectly and there is nothing wrong with it. Apparently, there are lighter and better bikes out there but there are also lighter and better riders out there and the bike isn't trading me in. So, I am keeping my workhorse road bike who has never seen a race but has seen plenty of open roads and lots of scenery. That led me to consider a new mountain bike. There are way lighter fancier mountain bikes out there. I started doing some research and even was set to buy a friends fancy racing machine. I mean, I am going to be 'racing' some this coming year. The lighter and faster the bike the less work I would have to do. I could drop at least 4 pounds from the bike for about $2000 in upgrades. But I could drop 4 pounds from my frame and save money by buying and eating less food. So, I am not buying a new mountain bike either. Seems that I have longer relationships with my bikes than most people relationships last. I'd probably still be riding my banana seat bike if it still fit.

I did purchase a new bike thought and I encourage all of you to do the same, or at least some parts. You see there is this fantastic program called World Bicycle Relief that supplies bicycles to people in Africa. They put bicycles in the hands of students, health care workers and entrepeneurs to improve their lives. So, while a shiny new bicycle might have made it a little easier for me to get up the Columbine climb in August during the Leadville Trail 100, it would not improve my life nearly as much as it does for these people. Not to mention for just $134 you can purchase a whole bicycle! Still not sure it is something you want to do? Check out this awesome contest over at Fat Cyclist Through his contest you can donate and buy a bike for a really good cause and have the chance to win a new bike for yourself, or someone you love-hint hint:) Just think about how much easier it is to stay in school if you don't have to walk 2 hours each way. How about how many more patients a health care worker can see in a day if they don't have to walk. You can bike at least twice as fast as you can walk.

This is the holiday season and people are making their wish lists for gifts. If anyone is looking for ideas on what I would like here's a hint. I'd like a new bike, or a tool kit, or part of a bike for someone who I don't know in Africa. Then when I am spending hours and hours over the next year riding my 'old' bikes, I'll have the pleasure of picturing a young girl experiencing the thrill of riding her new bike. 

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