Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome Back Mike

Sunday I had the most emotional finish of my life, and I wasn't even racing. I had the honor of witnessing the most inspirational person I know complete his comeback to triathlon after being hit on a bike ride by a drunk driver over 7 years ago. He has done a few swim/ bike events in the last few years but this was his first triathlon and he chose a tough half ironman. I wouldn't expect anything less from him than picking a tough race because this guy is one tough dude. I still tear up now 5 days later when I think about seeing him crossing that finish line. When I tell Mike that he inspires all who know him and his story he responds with 'Nah, I'm just doing what I do'. We should all Be Like Mike and do everything we do with an infectious positive attitude. Mike was a triathlete prior to his accident but it is with pleasure that I say Welcome Back Mike, it's nice to have you home and out on the race course is where you belong!

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  1. Right on! Please send congrats to Mike for me, I was glad to meet him and have the chance to ride with him this summer.