Sunday, September 16, 2012

Go Go Girls

This past week I had the great opportunity to test ride and Elliptigo. The last time I received so much attention going down the street I was wearing a go go girl costume in bright daylight. Everyone was very curious about the machine we were on. Originally, we weren't sure that we had blocked off enough time to get in a good workout but the 90 minutes that we had them out on the roads were plenty. Immediately I noticed how high it got my heart rate and I was working hard. These machines mimic running and are great for the injured runner or someone who wants to put in more running miles without getting injured. You can also cover way more territory on one of these than regular running. We were able to keep up with some bikes on a slight incline, and we didn't really know what we were doing. With a little practice we could have chicked them!

I had to concentrate quite hard on not trying to make the circular movement that I do while on a bike and try to mimic the running motion more. By the end I was getting more comfortable with it. The Elliptigo balances easily and I never felt like I was going to tip over, but I never got to the point where I would have been comfortable one handed riding either. (not surprising since it took me years to ride a bike without hands as an adult). They come in several different models with the high end one having more gearing and carbon parts. The ones we were on had 8 gears which are in an internal hub. When asked about maintenance we were told it is pretty easy. Clean and lube the chain, keep the tracks clean and adjust the gearing with a hub on the cables. Since the gear cassette is internally housed it doesn't get dirty and apparently lasts at least 1000 miles before it needs any kind of maintenance. My final take was if you love to run and can't anymore this is the tool for you. If you love the be outside and live in a climate like I do then this is a great cross training tool year round. They can be put on an indoor bike trainer as long as it accepts smaller wheel sizes, so you could have it indoors as well. Much better than a stationary close hanger, er I mean elliptical. How many people can say they ride their close hanger. All in all it was a great workout, and a great social tool. You are guaranteed to meet people while out riding one of these, everyone had their interest piqued! Next time I might just don my go go girl halloween costume and really give them something to see:)


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  1. Yeah we should talk to Bryce about a dating service cross marketing tool since everyone we went by talked to us! Not that we need a dating service but good idea for those that do!