Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dusty and Rusty

In my attempt to put the dirty back in dirty hundy I have been out on the trails quite a bit lately. I have come home dusty and noticed that I am also a little rusty. I squeak a little too much when I am attempting to roll over things on my mountain bike that I have had no problem clearly in the past and like a rusty tin man I am not moving as quickly with my joints to counter my crappy choices in lines through the rock gardens. One thing that my poor choices in places to roll my tires has shown me is that the path of least resistance does not always lead to where you want to go. On the mountain bike trail and in life sometimes you have to go over or through obstacles to get to where you want to go. The trail that originally looks easy and obstruction free may end up being strewn with debris and dead end. So when you are faced with the choice, sometimes pick the tougher way to get there. I have learned that you feel really good about yourself when you actually clear the boulder and get to the other side. It may take a few tries but overcoming a challenge is very rewarding and the views when you get there are usually spectacular.

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