Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On The Juice

I have a big confession to make because I believe in honesty, so much so in fact I am going to come clean now before all the naysayers start slandering my name. You see, the triathlon world is all a 'twitter' right now about doping in the sport and talking about who is tested and who is buying their way out of it.(something to do with some old 40+ bike racer who just schooled a bunch of pro men in a race). Before the drug testers come knocking on my door, because I too am over 40 and could school my 25 year old self,  I am putting it out there. Yes, I am in fact on the juice. That's right folks, you are hearing a confession from someone before they have been caught. I know it is just a matter of time before someone spots me using. I am not exactly discreet. I often go directly to the back of my car post swim workout, open it up and take a much needed shot. At some point someone is going to get suspicious that my sometimes mediocre performances are bordering on consistently mediocre and report me. So, yes people I have been on the good stuff since December. I do not use everyday, but I do use most days and when I do I feel the hit. I have been able to recover faster, and go longer so I would say that it has been performance enhancing. Now my confession wouldn't be complete without the evidence so here it is, my special formula:

The Juice

List of Ingredients

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