Friday, January 20, 2012

Annual Pilgrimage

For the past three years I have embarked on a journey to the promised land. Usually, I go in the spring but spring came early this year. Okay, maybe spring hasn't arrived yet, because winter hasn't even shown itself yet, but for me, spring had to come early. I have a rule that I have followed for several years called 'Big Ring in Spring'. What this essentially means is that I am to ride all my bike rides in my small ring, working on cadence and speed skills until spring arrives. This year, the rule had to be modified because with an Ironman in May (which btw is in the spring) I had to and by 'had to' I really mean I get to ride in my big ring now. I love big ring riding, which is why I have to have a rule about small ring all winter, it is the only way I will force myself to work on my weakness. Anyways, back to my spiritual voyage. This week I got to go to the holy land and ride what I affectionately call Big Ring Canyon. It was spectacular! The gradient is perfect for me to really fly and for one hour I find myself in a trance as I systemically turn the pedals over and over again. This is a cyclists holy land, no cars, no lights, no stop signs, just your bike and the road ahead. As a good pilgrim my head was covered with my helmet, my effort was honest and I bathed at the site in sweat all while sacrificing my legs for the trip to Mecca.

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