Monday, October 31, 2011

Picking a Favorite

This year I tried something different than I have done in the past. I made my race season 4 weeks long. I did all of my races within a one month period and the last one was in July. Since that time, I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do next year. I had a couple of different conflicting races that I want to participate in and kept waffling back and forth on which one I would do. All of August and part of September I would go back and forth. One race involved swimming, biking and running. The other race was just biking. Both required tons of focus and training. One event I had done before, the other was completely new territory with a huge learning curve involved. I was caught between pushing my limits and doing something new, and going back to the familiar. I wasn't sure that I would ever be able to make a choice but I had faith that at some point the right path for me would become clear. At some point in September I was asked a question that shed light onto my dilemma...

Cool chandeliers in San Fran

'which is your favorite, swimming, biking or running?' Now this isn't the first time that I have been asked this question but this is the first time I really thought about it. In the past I would just answer with whichever one I had been enjoying the most at the time, or more likely whichever one I had just done. This time my answer was different, I responded I really like swimming, I really like biking and I really like running. The interrogator (or person just making polite conversation) pressed on and said 'but if you had to pick one to do and could only do one which would it be?'. That is when the answer came to me, I would pick triathlon. And, when the next question came in the little room with the hot lights and the two way mirror 'what distance would you do if you could only do one distance?', I responded with no eye shift and no hesitation that I would do Ironman. So next year, 2012 if all goes well I will return to my favorite thing after a 6 year hiatus and line up at the start of my 13th Ironman.

Raw Tortilla Soup

When people find out that I follow a vegan diet they naturally tend to have many questions for me. Mostly, they want to know what I eat so I have decided to start sharing some of my favorite dishes and meals. I aim for a mostly raw diet, meaning that my food is not cooked or heated over 110 degrees F and it is all plant based. Recipes available on request.

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