Monday, October 17, 2011

God of Thunder

The first time we went to Kona to spectate the Ironman was in the early 90's. Back then there wasn't the selection of triathlon apparel that there is today, so men raced in their speedos. They also went out to dinner, grocery shopped, went for runs, went to movies and pretty much wore nothing but speedos everywhere they went. Some would claim that they didn't want to get funky tan lines and thus burn on race day by wearing running shorts or bike shorts. Luckily, the golf courses have a dress code so that was one area where men weren't found in their speedo. I am grateful that today golf courses still have a dress code because at this years underpants run in Kona I learned that my golf pro would go around wearing nothing but his underwear or a speedo or -gasp - nothing if it was acceptable. He participated in the infamous run and he seemed a little too comfortable leaving the condo, driving to town and walking throughout town in his special undies and wife beater. I'm sorry ladies but he is all mine:0

Excuse me, does this effectively hide my THUNDER??

Strangely, he wears many more clothes for his beach nap-being a god of thunder is tiring.

Secret secluded beach where batman could take a break from crime fighting.

After all the excitement of the day I went for a nice evening run in a rain shower (luckily the only thunder I encountered was back at the condo) followed by dinner on the lanai with a spectacular sunset. Another day of bliss, 2 bikinis for me and one for my god of thunder=3:)

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