Friday, September 2, 2011

Cat in the Hat

I never did like the Cat in the Hat. Even before I could read for myself and the story was read to me, I found him extremely annoying. Just think of all the work that darn cat created! Maybe, that is why to this day I am a dog person? The more cats that came out of that hat, the more that pink stain spread. What started out as some white crisp clean snow to shovel became much more of a project. A huge industrial level cleanup project.  Every time I clean my bike I am reminded of how much I dislike that hat wearing Cat! You see, I start out with the intention to clean the grease off of my bike. I get my bike and chain all sparkling clean but now I have so many other things to clean. My hands have gotten filthy and in the process so has everything that I have touched. Now there is grease on my face from brushing my hair out of the way so that I could see. Which leads to, you guessed it, grease in my hair. My phone rang and now my phone case is covered with grime and grit so I wipe it on my pant legs. My phone is still dirty and now so are my jeans. When I have completed the task, the lock to the bike cupboard and my keys get some of the black stuff and then I close the garage door. Now there is grease on the garage keypad (wouldn't take a boy genius to figure out my code!). I had the dog out there with me and she walked past the bike after I re greased the chain so she now has some black smudges in her fur. We still aren't even to the house yet where I open the door and head straight to the kitchen to wash my hands. The orange degrease gunk is under the sink so now I have gotten the taps and the cupboard door. I thought I was just going to clean my bike, but now I have to take on a whole lot more cleaning. Where is little  Cat Z with the VOOM on his head???

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  1. Sounds like whenever I have to do any painting around the house...