Saturday, September 10, 2011

Out of the Way

This week and big manly man driving a big manly truck decided to show me his machismo and how manly he really was. He yelled out the window of his big impressive mass of steel something to the effect of 'get off the f'ing road you bike riders'. He then proceeded to drive off yelling more obscenities the whole time. Was he trying to show me a weakly spandex clad woman how tough he was?  Was he in such a hurry because waiting behind me for that minute was causing his Bud Light to lose it's chill? Does it up his cool factor to yell at people who are getting exercise? Is it the anonymity of being behind the wheel or does he yell and threaten women all the time? Whatever the case may be I have an answer for him.......

Oh and another thing, no matter how big your truck is, it doesn't make your penis appear larger!


  1. Probably the same guy I saw here in his truck with a big sticker over the back window: "Huntin' Fishin' Fightin' F*ckin'"!

  2. We could have taken him Kirsty!