Sunday, September 12, 2010

Skinny Dip Friday

Now that I am no longer focused on Leadville I have been trying to get back to my multisport roots. The simplicity of just biking is gone and now I am attempting to fit in swimming and running once again. You would think after all the years that I have been doing this that 4 months off wouldn't be a big deal. Wrong. It seems that I somehow forgot how to prepare for multiple workouts in a day. Not to mention the lack of swimming and running fitness. Sure, I am pretty fit from all the biking but I pedal a bike with my legs and my main concern with my arms all summer was to keep them relaxed. Well, they got relaxed alright, and weak too! In my third week back at the pool I actually felt I was making some progress. I was really looking forward to my swim on Friday when the coach has us do a little speed work. I believed that I might be able to shift into another gear. Up until this point I had been one gear only, and it was a diesel without turbo charge! I did my morning run, yup two a days are back and headed to masters practice. I was really feeling the vibe to swim for the first time since I had started back. I was getting all ready in the locker room and one thing was missing. I didn't have a suit. Guess I still have some work to do on my prep, it has always been so automatic that I pack everything into the swim bag without thinking. Unless I can get the crew to agree to Skinny Dip Fridays, (and some of them like to wear such small suits that it isn't too far of a reach!) I had better keep an extra suit in my car. Maybe I was channeling my time in the mountains again, where lakes beg for a skinny dip no matter what day of the week.

Paradise Lake

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  1. I too have arrived at the pool the odd time without a suit...