Friday, September 24, 2010

Out of Town Affair

Even though I didn't pick up the hitchhiker who promised not to kill me on his sign, I did manage to pick up a new passenger on the trip. I have to say he is very handsome and good company. I am not sure that I should be telling you this but as soon as I saw him I knew I had to have him. Of course like any new relationship you need to spend some time getting to know each other. It would have been nice if we had more time to learn each others nuances before going public but we only got one outing. He is a smooth talker and likes to move fast but I insisted on being on top so I was somewhat in control of things - somewhat but not really!

Handsome isn't he?! 

Site of our first date

The day after we met and had our first date we went on a cougar outing. We lined up at the start of our first cross race with all the masters women. Of course, they were all experts in handling the hot young things that they had mounted. It was pretty darn obvious that I was new to this venue. I had taken off my hotties flashy wheel reflectors and made sure he wasn't overdressed. However, when they started talking about call ups and bell laps the look of utter panic on my face was a redflag to all those around me. Luckily, before moving as far away from me as she could, one other racer explained to me what they heck they were talking about. Apparently, if the leaders lapped me at any point I would be asked to leave the course. Awesome, I had a new goal, we were not to get lapped!

It was the most fun and hardest 30 minutes ever at the same time. I can ride a bike and I can run but I am totally awful at running and mounting my bike in motion. When the seasoned riders do this move it is like watching two dance partners. I should have warned my guy before hand that I am not much of a dancer. Little did he know that his dance partner was not going to help him win any dance competitions. Nope, I was much more like Elaine on Seinfeld but the problem was I had to dance, no sitting this part out! Still, mission accomplished and I wasn't lapped, I wasn't even the last cougar across the line. I was very fortunate to have my own cheering squad and after my race we watched the 'real' cross racers do it. It was so fun we went out and did it again the next morning!

Lost my Cyclocross Virginity

PS- seems we might have had a shot picking up another man if we were so inclined;)

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