Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Driving Miss Tana

Tana and I are once again on the road. We are great travelling companions, we have our routines established and both know our roles. I know my place is to drive, regulate the temperature and make sure that Tana gets all her needs met. Tana's role is to look pretty and get plenty of rest along the way. Oh, she also takes the job of spotting cows very seriously. She actually stands up when she sees a cow and makes sure she watches them out the rear window. When there are no cows (or horses, or goats) to survey she just lets me do my job and enjoys the ride.

somewhere along the I5, where there are no farm animals!

Thanks to the hitchhiker on the side of the road just after I entered Oregon today. He gave me a good belly laugh with his sign 'I WON'T KILL YOU'.  Okay, if you say so I guess I'll pick you up?! As funny as I found that approach I just hope that whoever believed him isn't found dead with that sign in the back seat. I couldn't pick him up even if I had wanted to because as you can see there isn't any room when I am driving Miss Tana.

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  1. Great dog picture. And funny sign. I'm not sure it would convince me either.