Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Day

I have been having recurrent powder dreams. I'm carving sweet turns through knee deep fresh fluffy white stuff. It could be because I recently gave up my awesome circa 1986 Atomic Arc boards to the museum (not really but they are antiques by now), but it is most likely due to the multitude of pictures from the slopes that my friends have been posting. Either way, I have been craving some snow action and therefore been living it in my sleep. It has been exhilarating. This weekend however I went out and made some fresh tracks of my own. I participated in a 9 mile uphill off road time trial. I really just wanted an excuse to test out how the new boy toy handles a long climb followed by a long descent. I can report that the chassis is good, the engine needs some overhauling still;)

We climbed up to and above snow level and the only complaint that I have is that when we hit the ice, his edges didn't dig in, but all those years of riding the boards taught me to relax and just go with it on the ice so we got out unscathed. Unlike during my youth when I tried to get as many runs in as possible during the day, this day I settled for one, it was easier when I rode a chairlift to the top. It was a little chilly on the way down, but I had foresight to bring a windbreaker and a shower cap up to the top with me. I'm blaming the extra weight of those items for slowing me down!

Making fresh tracks in the snow was just as fun as I remember and that night I went back to riding the moguls like a pro. My fun snow day just intensified my snow nights:)

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  1. You should bring Tana up there, she'd love the snow!