Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fateful First Date

I went on a first date on Fat Tuesday. A Fat Tire date. We had been trying to coordinate a day that worked for both of us, and finally our schedules lined up. The trails were dry, I had no other plans. While it wasn't ideal, since I had been on some pretty big dates over the weekend that left me a little tired shall we say, I really wanted to see if we were compatible.

Like any date, I obsessed a little over whether we would enjoy each others company. If we would be able to fill the time, and if he would treat me well. I shouldn't have worried at all. He was a complete gentleman. He let me choose the route and the pace. I got butterflies in the pit of my stomach just looking at him. Our time together carried me to new heights that had previously alluded me. I will admit that there were a few times that I had to slow him down, things were moving too fast for me. He made a bit of noise about taking it slow, but when I showed him the alternative was completely stopping, he came to his senses. Like any forming relationship we had to push each other a little but when I pushed him, he put up barely any resistance.

When the end of our date approached, I couldn't believe the time had passed so effortlessly and quickly. I entered this date with tired legs but they were soon forgotten. It was just him and I on the trail and I found myself smiling the whole time. He was so easy to be with, we clicked and let me just tell you that the climax of that mountain has never come so easily.

You know it was a good first date when you do the post date analysis and come up with only good things. That happened once before in my life, and I've been married to him for almost 22 years. Looks like this is going to be a long and happy relationship. His previous girlfriend said he was a great bike, but just not the great bike for her. We found each other at just the right time, that's what you call Fate.

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