Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just Try

I got really slow with my running this fall. I didn't start out a speedy runner, but doing all those long slow runs building up my leg durability really turned me into a snail. I cover ground by inches and I may or may not leave a slimy trail. Now, I know that speed in ultras is all relative but I also know that if I do some of my shorter runs faster the slow easy pace might not be so slow and still be easy. Enter the treadmill run. Pure honest feedback. I am now doing my 'speed' work at a slower pace than my recovery speed was a year ago. But, it is improving. Every week I see an improvement and I push a little bit more.

Yesterday my legs were feeling okay, my breathing wasn't too bad, my heart rate wasn't out of control but my brain was struggling. I kept assessing the situation looking for a reason to shorten an interval, or decrease the speed. My body wasn't not agreeing with my mind and the reason wasn't materializing. There was no excuse and I was ready to admit defeat in the face of just not feeling it when suddenly screaming into my ears 'Try just little bit harder'. Just what I needed and thanks to Janis I was able to increase my speed and do a few extra intervals. Motivation can come from many places and sometimes all we can do is Just Try and let the rest take care of itself.

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