Monday, April 9, 2012

Avoiding a Draught

At the start of this weekend I noticed that the levels in my resevoir had gotten dangerously low. So low that if there was a boat ramp it would not even have been close to being at waters edge. You would have had to drag your boat through sludge to get it launched and even then you might have hit bottom. Knowing that this a crucial time for me to avoid draught like conditions I responded quickly. First I closed the damn so that nothing more would escape and then I initiated a plan to get the water levels back up to an acceptable height. The first step was a water conservation plan and the second step will be to replenish, maybe a big snow melt run off?

Maybe Niagra can lend me some water?

This morning all signs pointed that the leak had been plugged and water levels had stabilized, maybe even increased slightly. Between now and May 5th I need to get that boat ramp back into the water because I am going to be dipping my bucket in  the well  many times that day. I would hate to come up dry or find stagnant murky water there. No, I would much rather have a waterfall coming over the edge of the damn when I line up for Ironman number 13. Today was a good start at replenishing when I did one of my runs and there were amazing flowers blooming everywhere. Hopefully, all the water I have used lately will allow me to bloom and I have avoided a draught.

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 Salad with Flax Seed Croutons

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  1. Good luck at St George - my Dad is racing it as well :)