Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amusement Park

I should be tapering for my big Ironman race that is quickly approaching but instead I have been trying to find my way out of the amusement park I am lost in. Every time I think I have gotten off the roller coaster and am no longer going to plunge down to the bottom, I hear the click, click, click as the car crawls back to the top. (Okay, to be fair the clicking might just be coming from my ankles as I walk down the hallway). The way up is great, nice views, comfortable seating but that harrowing plunge back down to the bottom where my stomach leaps out is not fun.

First Coaster I Ever Rode

 When I finally manage to get myself off the roller coaster it is just to discover I have entered the fun zone and I am in front of trick mirrors. You know the kind that make you look 3 feet wider than you actually are and interpose a gut onto your flat six pack abdomen? Why do I never find myself in front of the magic mirror that takes 20 pounds of and proclaims me to be the fairest of them all?

This amusement park is not going to be called the happiest place on earth anytime soon but one thing I do know from actually riding roller coasters is it sure makes you happy to be back on stable ground. One might even say I'll look back on this with amusement:)


  1. That cartoon is perfect for you! Go Team Super Awesome!

  2. Have a GREAT race this weekend! My Dad will be there racing as well. I'll be cheering for you from WF :)