Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whirly Whirl

I am still a neophyte at this sport of cyclocross but I have already experienced some great race courses. My favorite of the three races that I did in the Pacific Northwest was the Cumberland Cross on the Rock Race. There are numerous reasons why this should not be listed as my favorite race, the most prominent being that it was the day after my encounter with the beaver (whoop, I finally said that without using the F word, amazing what time can do). However, they did offer a $5 discount for all of us that did 'the double' that weekend so it just made sense. Right? Especially since I was so well prepared for the MOMAR and had danced until 2am to help speed up my recovery. I had stayed away from the booze, that should count for something. (there was no way I was drinking any of the Thirsty Beaver, the beaver was not good to me!) So really, if you take into account closing down the party and dancing all night I wasn't doing the double, I was doing the triple!

I practically needed a walker to get around in the morning but I wasn't going to be walking, I was going to be riding. That knee that took a stick the day before almost had half range of motion with the swelling in it and really how much did I need my left shoulder? I carry my cross bike over obstacles on the right. Body inventory complete and off to ride a practice lap. I had a great time pre riding the course, at my limp along leisurely pace it was all good, except I really didn't know where the course went. I just hopped on and started where I was closest and rode around. I was waiting for everyone at the start line, when I was told they were waiting for me at the start line. I barely got there and the race started and I wasn't even on my bike yet. Did I mention yet that I have not mastered a moving mount, not helpful when everyone sprints off the start and I have to swing my leg over the bike. I use the term swing generously because it was done very stiffly and gingerly and with no speed what so ever! Once I got going it was okay except for when I had to dismount and do the high jump. I couldn't lift my legs that high and running was near impossible. I really should have gotten a walker out there. About this point of the race I realized why I got that discount, it was to pay for the large doses of ibuprofen I would be requiring for the next week!

the high jumps on the course

Jason heading into the BMX track

The course wound through trees on the grass and then we got to ride through the BMX park. Of course Jason killed it in his race, but I have to put it out there. He DID NOT do the triple. He was not with Alison and I when we closed down the party! I would have been way faster and nimbler too if I had gotten all that rest;) After the BMX park there was a cool dirt jump section into some sand. At least I think that is what it was. My recollection might not be very accurate because I remember being behind a little kid at one point and there is no way I was that horrible! I think I passed him without pushing him into the ropes, or he could have just dropped me when I was doing one of my incredibly fast hobbling, stand still mounts! We'll never know.

BMX track

The bestest part of the course had to be the whirly whirl. Going into it I was sure I was going the wrong way and going to have a head on with someone, going out was the same way. I still am not sure how they made us go all the way into the center and back out without collisions. It gave me something to ponder the rest of each lap though, when I wasn't thinking about trying to bunny hop the barriers to avoid the remount. With how slow I am at learning this mount, that might be the way to go! The whirly whirl had magical powers and was able to distract me so much that I didn't realize that the finish line was right after it. I was sitting behind a girl at this point, how I caught up is a mystery, and I decided to just wait and take her at the barriers. Cause, I am so good at the barriers? What they heck was I thinking? Which makes me wonder what kind of vortex I had just ridden through!

My fans don't seem to care if I am a complete fledgling!

'You can learn new things in life at any time if you're willing to be a beginner. If you actually like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you' - Barbara Sher 

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