Saturday, November 23, 2013

Winter Lessons

It's been a long time since I've lived in real winter. My friends in Southern California think that they have started winter, I think it rained:0 I may have forgotten a few things about living in snow, but mother nature is making sure to provide me learning experiences. Here are a few lessons that I have survived.

1) Leaving your wet bathing suit and towel in the car to dry doesn't work. You will have a frozen suit and towel. Think it's cold getting in the water, try doing it in a suit with ice on it!

2) Your favorite jeans become the ones that you can fit a bulky base layer underneath. One good thing, come spring I'll look like I lost inches without doing anything!

3) That 'winter' jacket you own, is now a base layer. It is also your pajama top.

4) You don't blow dry your hair for looks, it is functional. Wet hair become icicles and I have discovered wearing ice on your head does in fact drop your body temperature.

5) Wool is awesome. Wool base layer, wool socks, wool hats- those sheep are on to something. Even wet wool keeps you somewhat warm. An old wool sock over your water bottle helps keep the water from freezing while you are skiing. Wool isn't as itchy as it was when I was a kid either. Just another thing that my grandparents knew, they always had wool socks.

6) Snow dogs are made for the snow. Tana will sit out in the snow bank for hours watching squirrels. That one should have been obvious, being that she's called a snow dog.

7) If you are going to live in winter, embrace it. That means, getting outside and enjoying it. Which in turn means that the equation of how many bikes is enough,  N (being the number you own) +1, also applies to skis.

8) The weather is real, you need to know what is happening if you are going to plan or do anything. Mother nature may have other plans for you. AND, wind chill can make a difference.

9) When the sun shines on freshly fallen snow and the trails are in perfect condition for a ski, winter makes you forget that summer exists.


  1. When you turn 50, winter isn't as "fun" as it used to be. Or maybe that's because I've never lived in year-round warmth.

    Laughing at the icicle'd suit :).


  2. As I'm packing for Boulder I have #5 covered for my outdoor running gear! Of course with humanly treated Ibex wool:)