Saturday, November 10, 2012

Light the Way

The path in front of me was illuminated showing me the obstacles and ways around them. To the side and back of me was pitch black. I could not see a thing. The silence was calming and I found myself heading in the direction I wanted without worrying about where the paths I did not take ended up. I was on the path I was on, and it was lit for me.

If only we could go through life with a headlamp showing us the way and the distractions around us being cloaked in blackness. Riding and running with only my own lights to show the way, I only see the obstacles that are directly in my path. I do not worry about the giant rock off to my left, I can't see it so I move on by it without a care.

I have taken on a huge goal for the next year. One that will present me with enough bumps in the road, I do not need to worry about the ones others are encountering. I need to stay my trail, choose my line and go with the flow. When you have enough lumens lighting the way it is easy to trust the course. My suggestion to everyone is to strap on a headlamp and head out into the world looking where you want to go. If you don't shine your light into the bushes, the monster eyes won't be shining back at you and you won't even know he's there.

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