Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sweating Courage

This past weekend I saw courage flowing out of women. I was at the SheRox triathlon as a mentor and as I was out on the course I was in awe of so many of the competitors. There were super fast ladies on the latest and greatest equipment at the front of the race but they aren't the ones that really impressed me. No, these front runners all looked like athletes and were racing against the clock.

The women who were most impressive to me were those who were riding whatever bike was in the garage, whether it fit them or not. The gals who were buddied up with their friend and encouraging them along the way. The women whose bodies didn't resemble what society associates with a triathlete but they were out there. No matter how slow they covered the course, they did it. They put themselves out there and to me those women had more strength and inner fortitude than any winner had.

This race is excellent for the support all the women give each other but one thing I noticed as I was out there cheering the last finisher home was how few spectators were left. I suggest that in the future at this race everyone heads back out and brings every last lady home in style. We have women only events as a way of supporting and encouraging women to enter the sport in a nurturing environment. The biggest superstars of this race are the ones who keep going and bring it home last. Let's get out their and lighten their load in the home stretch, they've been carrying that suitcase of courage a long way.

Welcome to the sport athletes!

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  1. They were lucky to have you as their mentor!