Thursday, August 16, 2012

Designated Driver

One of the things that I love about being a coach is that I get to be part of so many journeys. When someone comes to me with a destination in mind it is my job to make a road map to get there safely and on time. I think of myself as the designated driver at the party. Like any good New York cabbie will tell you though, there are many ways to arrive at the same point. Therefore, along the way I need to make sure I know of alternative routes and detours for when roadblocks present themselves. At the same time, like a celebrity limo driver it is my job to get my stars to the red carpet at the correct time. I need to time it perfectly so that they can make a grand entrance, showing up early and having life time best workouts in training only akin to walking the red carpet before the photographers have even set up.

As the chauffeur to the athlete it is my responsibility to remain sober throughout the party and be the voice of reason. It is very easy after they have an amazing workout for them to want more, but I learned in college that more isn't always better and I'd prefer to avoid the hair holding incidents of over indulgence. In the midst of a good party though the revellers can often lose sight of reality, how many guys did I see put their head through glass doors (when is that ever a good idea), so it is up to me to keep sight of the large picture.

I want my athletes to have trust in my tour guide abilities. Therefore, I spend hours pouring over all the details of their trips and stops along the way that best serve their purpose. Sign up with me and you get a personalized itinerary, no two trips are the same. Sometimes along the way we might visit the latest trendy spot but we also spend plenty of time on the classics. Most importantly I make sure that everytime we travel to a destination even if it is one we've visited we don't take the same route there. Every trip can be improved on, even lifetime bests.

Right now I am driving a party bus of amazing people to several different destinations. I am super excited to have been included on all of their journeys and love to see them flourish along the way. Being the designated driver at this party is way better than it was in college:0

Who's in your cockpit?


  1. Well now I think we should take a party bus to next Saturday's ride! :) Complete with a laser light show and wet bar. Maybe save the bar untl after the ride though.

    Sure glad to a passenger on your bus BTW!

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