Sunday, July 1, 2012

Canada Day

Today is Canada day so happy birthday Canada. Even though I haven't lived in Canada in a long time, I am still Canadian as evidenced by my passport that needs renewing every five years. While I was out running, wearing my Canadian flag socks of course, I was reflecting on the things I miss most about living in Canada. Here is some of the list.

1) Curling. I was first introduced to the curling rink by my grandpa and I fell in love with it, the smell of ice and the smack, smack, smack of straw hitting the ice as someone yelled 'Sweep, SWEep, SWEEP'.

2) Hockey night in Canada. Mostly to make fun of Don Cherry's outlandish suits and crazy comments.

3) Long summer nights with the sun still up (of course I do not miss the opposite, long dark winter nights!)

4) Being served vinegar when I order chips (french fries).

5) Bumping into someone by accident and having them apologize. 'sorry, sorry'. So polite!

6) Being close to family and friends so that I could spend a long weekend with them.

7) Okanagan fruitstands. The best!

8) Coloured money, the loonie and the toonie. At least I could carry a couple bucks around on a run without having to wring it out afterwards!

9) Interesting reading on cereal boxes. My french may be limited to Raisin Bran.

10) Nanaimo bars, proper Scones, Smarties, but most of all Old Dutch Dill Pickle potatoe chips. Oh how I miss those!

So all you Canadians who were at the local pancake breakfast having real maple syrup, or at the local parade or just eating delicious old dutch hope you had a good day 'eh!

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  1. Funny - I've lived in Canada all my life (except for a brief stint in the Caribbean) and my experiences are very different!

    I've only curled twice - once as a joke in high school PE and once with Jason at a work thing.

    I've never watched Hockey Night in Canada.

    I've never heard anyone call french fries "chips" unless they are in a british fish & chips shop.

    I don't like maple syrup - too sweet! And that's despite being in French Immersion in school. I guess I missed a memo about what to like to qualify as an official Canadian!

    But - I love the long summer nights, Old Dutch chips (don't worry, I still consider myself the "BC Spud" dealer to you SoCalians), Okanagan fruit stands and Nanaimo bars!