Friday, May 4, 2012

Icing the Cake

Back in November when I made the decision to throw myself into another Ironman I came up with a plan. A kind of recipe for success. I listed the key ingredients and the portions of each. I mapped out how long it would take to bake the fitness. My favorite cake recipe is for a cake called a wacky cake. You throw all the ingredients into the cake pan and mix it up and the end result is a delicious moist chocolate cake. (which also happens to be vegan). This is the first cake I ever learned to make, probably because my mom wanted to limit the amount of dishes I would create, and I still love it. It is a real simple recipe and my recipe for this race was pretty simple too. I followed it exactly along the way adding a little dash of this and that as I was processing. Now all the baking has been done. The cake has come out of the oven and it is a wacky cake. Chocolate, moist and happiness in a pan. This cake is perfect just the way it is but tomorrow I get to ice the cake and I can't wait.

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